Hate Your Guts

CD Release show 11-2-08

Sorry for the lack of activity

I have been busy with school and haven’t had much computer access.

10-96 - Dead X
99 plays

Dead X - 10-96

Apparently my step-mom’s brother either sang or played guitar for this band, found this CD laying around when I was younger, ain’t too shabby.

The Pist - Textbook Salvation
59 plays

Textbook Salvation - The Pist

Speak only when you’re spoken to and never raise your voice
Implant submission in the youth while they still have no choice
Input equals output, bullshit in means bullshit out
A wealth of worthless facts won’t help you find what life’s about

Hatebreed live in ‘95

This old clip has two songs never released, one is Connecticut Brotherhood and the other is Payback.

Larry Dwyer, who was in Hatebreed at the time says:

"Payback was never recorded or released on anything and CT Brotherhood was recorded but never released on anything. In fact, Jamey has the masters and no one in the band ever heard the recording. After I left Hatebreed and formed Death Threat, me and Lou Richards decided to use the CT Brotherhood riff for Brotherhood since Hatebreed never released it."

Crowns Of Kings - C.T.H.C.
59 plays

C.T.H.C. - Crowns of Kings

76% Uncertain

76% Uncertain